Welcome to Miss Amy Reads!


Miss Amy in the CN Tower’s Skypod in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in May 2013. (I was very proud of that seahorse dress!)

Hello, all! I’m a Youth Services Librarian who lives and works in Texas. I’m currently in graduate school working on my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science with a focus on Youth Librarianship and Early Childhood/Family Literacy. This semester (my third of graduate school) I am taking Literature for Children and Young Adults. This blog is part of my course work at Texas Woman’s University and will feature reviews of books that I have chosen from lists provided by the professor, Dr. Sylvia Vardell.

I am excited about this class because I love books, but I especially love books for children and teens. I co-created and, for 5 years, managed a book review blog for teens with some incredible colleagues and friends, but had to give it up when I accepted my current position at another library. Diving back into the world of book bloggers is going to be awesome!

Be on the lookout for the occasional appearance of my book review helper, Mr. Nemo.

Happy reading!


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